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Advantages of Using CleanFlex

The figures below document a trial period of 28 days, with 4 hours of washing a day.
  • Low water consumption: approx. 148 litres per day
  • Electricity consumption: 20 kW/h per day
  • Cleaning agent: 1,5 litres per day
  • Foam retardant: 0,2 litres per day
No compressed air used for drying.

The machine is fast and easy to operate. It halved the washing time in relation to our old washer, and, at the same time, the printing plates were as good as new and completely dry shortly after exiting the machine.

The choice of two kinds of suspension system - rails or clips - makes it easy to attach the printing plates irrespective of whether they are fitted with frames.

The machine can be operated by a single employee, who can even work on something else while the machine is actually washing.

The benefits listed above are just a few of those we have enjoyed by using CleanFlex.

Please contact BCM Transtech to arrange a visit to our factory.

Sonny Wolder
SCA Svenstrup - Denmark

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