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Cleanflex - Fully automatic flexo-washingmachine

CleanFlex is a new, fully automatic flexo-washingmachine that ensures that flexo clichés are thoroughly cleaned with a minimum consumption of water and energy.

CleanFlex is designed on tried and tested principles which, thanks to new technology, have been combined in one piece of equipment. Five rows of brushes move gently forwards and backwards using pre-heated water and soap. This action ensures that the clichés are not subject to any wear and tear while passing through the machine. As soon as the clichés enter the machine, they are softened with a gently prewash on both sides. This removes most of the ink. Next the clichés pass through three more rows of brushes which remove the last traces of ink. Finally, they are dried on both sides and emerge from the machine with no drips and ready for immediate reuse or storage.


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